Staircase design, manufacturing and installation

Custom staircases?with Italian design and German quality craftsmanship for clients around the world

“We do what we love and we love to build extraordinary design staircases”

Siller is a family run business since 1958. Siller Stairs provides custom?design stairs, manufacturing and installation to clients around the world. We guide our clients from the very first idea of a design until the finished and installed product. Hereby we offer a range of different service like our design service and the feasibility study.

We do offer our clients different types of staircases like?contemporary staircase designs, custom made and engineered to the specific requirements of the project. Very exquisite are our glass stairs. Furthermore you find styles from?modern?stairs to classic?stairs, free standing stairs and curved stair solutions. Amongst others we use the materials wood, glass, steel and concrete. We are researching continuously on new materials and connections to make our staircases floating, lighter and?more impressive, a piece of art and charming for its environment.

Designer staircases in glass and steel

For an exclusive Villa project in the greater area of London we have designed and installed an all glass staircase with glass bridge and a minimalistic cut steel stringer staircase. As always funktionality has been paired with design. By using glass elements and open treads you have an unblocked view to the surrounding landscapes and when the sun shines the light flushes into the building. See more photos of this project in our reference section.


We are looking for installers!

You are running your own business and have experience and enjoy working with stairs? We are looking for self-employed installers at our Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco location. Please get in touch and send your CV to if you want to get more information.

Glastreppe für Kistefos Museum in Norwegen

Kistefos Museum in Norway

Siller Stairs was?working with?BIG Architects?on a solution for the extraordinary glass staircase. 14 meters wide and fan-shaped, the staircase is both functional and suitable as a room for stay. The?Kistefos Museum?spans a river and the recurring theme is water and ice. Learn more about the project of?Kistefos Museum and Siller stairs

See the interview with Bjarke Ingels (BIG)

Special railing Restaurant TAK Room New York

Hudson Yards, Thomas Cook Restaurants, New York

Hudson Yards - New York
This is probably one of the most outstanding architectural?
projects of the last years. Siller Stairs has produced and?
installed a special design railing, for the TAK Room Restaurant.?
Guests enter the restaurant by ascending a sculptural staircase?
with double oak railings that serve a social and stylistic role.
Have a look at the article at the architectural digest?

Reference projects in USA, Canada and other destinations world wide

modern all glass staircase in Montana, USA

Big Sky, Montana

Installed: 2018
Type: Residential
Contractor: High Line Partners
Model: Mistral Montana

helical staircase and custom handrail design

Hudson Yards, Thomas Cook Restaurants, New York

Installed: 2018
Type: Commercial (Thomas Cook Restaurants)
Contractor: Ganter Interior
Modell: Elegance

structural glass stair for commercial project

Poltrona Frau Show Room, Miami

Installed: 2012
Type: Commercial (show room Poltrona Frau)
Contractor: Poltrona Frau
Modell: Mistral Commercial

Stairs - Today

Stairs gain more and more importance in modern architecture. Long time ago the staircase slipped from the niche of sole functionality and became an expression of taste and orientation. With the design element “stair” you can follow different material themes like “all glass” or “all concrete” and styles like modern, classic, contemporary and oriental as well as Arabic. Especially by the selection of glass, concrete or exclusive timbers one can create puristic and elegant stair designs which are like magic for your sins. With the knowledge that the staircase is as important for you as it is for us we do all we can to create stairs to your imagination. Because – only the staircase bestows a soul to the building.

Our stair philosophy

Stairs connect “living” spaces... in a traditional wooden house just as much as in a prestigious villa or in a commercial building. Thereby the staircase, as an important element of architecture and interior design, reflects the lifestyle and individuality of the inhabitants. The materials emphasis the attitude towards life: Wood, stone, steel or glass give artistic accents and transform rooms. You cannot only see stairs, but also sense, hear and feel them. Even on the first step you notice whether you are walking comfortably. Do the stairs creak softly under your feet? Does the hand rail feel comfortable and warm? Only quality transforms a staircase into a pleasant experience ... for all senses. This requires a competent consultation and precise planning as well as skilled handicraft. ?Stairs are our life“... since 1958 Siller Stairs has been offering individual staircase solutions produced by hand. Now latest technology helps us with this. A high quality standard, reliability and punctuality make us stand out. We pride ourselves to be able to create stair designs bespoke to your specific requirements.

More about Siller Stairs - A stair builder with love for attention to detail

Stairs are our life! For over 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to stair manufacturing and make glass stairs, wood stairs and use steel for structures of floating stairs as well as different finishes like brass, gold and silver. The attention to detail makes us stand out just as much as the individual design and the focus on aesthetics. Every Siller stair is unique and corresponds to the needs and taste of the customer. Here we give you a short review about our history:1958 Founding of Siller in Merano, Italy: in the summer we dedicated ourselves to the handiwork of the carpenter, and in the winter to stair building. Since 1990 we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to stair building and see the staircase as a representative piece of furniture that gives your building real soul Since 2000 we have been marketing our stairs internationally and supply customers around the globe.

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